Featured MedFriendly Entry: Cell
A cell is the smallest, most basic unit of life, that is capable of existing
by itself. Cells carry out the chemical processes that are necessary for
life to exist. They use energy and reproduce themselves. The bodies
of living organisms are made up of cells. Some organisms are made
up of only one cell. Human beings, on the other hand, are much more
complex and are made up of billions of cells...(Full article)
Featured Blog Entry:  How to Keep Your Underarms Healthy and Dry
Underarms are usually the last thing that anyone wants to talk about. We
all have them, though, and we all have to deal with the challenges that go
along with trying to eliminate sweat and odor. Although there are many
different deodorants available on the market, they are not all created equal.
The ingredients in certain brands can wind up doing a lot more harm than
good, sometimes even putting your health at risk. Because of that, more
and more people are turning to deodorants that contain...(Full article)
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