Abatement means an easing or a reduction in
the size, extent, or importance of something.
Examples would be abatement of pain or any
other symptom or sign. An example of
abatement of a sign would be wart abatement.
A wart is a type of visible growth on the body
caused by a virus. The warts can be abated
with medicine, application of duct tape,
application of liquid nitrogen (to freeze the
warts), or surgery.

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Wart abatement (removal) from
the bottom of someone's foot
with a laser.
Abatement also means a reduction and the eventual elimination of public-health
nuisances. An example is noise abatement in which steps are taken (e.g., putting up
noise shields along the highway) to reduce and eventually eliminate the effect of loud
noises on people in their homes. Another example is asbestos abatement in which steps
are taken to eliminate asbestos (a type of mineral that is very harmful to humans) from
buildings. Another common type of abatement is dust abatement, which is stopping or
reducing the creation of excess soil dust, which is a form of pollution.

Many home and building owners are also familiar with techniques to remove radon (a
harmful gas that can contribute to the development of cancer). Abatement comes from
the Old French word “abattre” meaning “to beat down.”
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