Guest Blog Posts
MedFriendly offers premier services for the publication and promotion of
guest blog posts in any health-related topic such as healthcare,
insurance, legal services, diagnostic and treatment services, education,
food products, and much more. Established in 2001, MedFriendly is a
long-standing leader in the industry for dissemination of medical
information that is easy to understand. In addition to the encyclopedic website, we also run the MedFriendly Medical Blog
which is where all guest blog entries are published. The MedFriendly
Medical Blog is directly accessed from the home page.
"Where Medical Information is Easy to Understand"™
Below are the pricing details and benefits for publishing your guest blog entry (including infographics) at
MedFriendly. Contact us at to get started today.

1. No recurring fees: For a one-time cost, payable via Paypal, your entry will be permanently listed on
the MedFriendly Medical Blog. The benefits below are also included. Contact us for details.

2. Social media promotion: All guest blog posts come with added promotion on the MedFriendly
Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest pages.

3. Additional cross-platform promotion: All guest blog posts are prominently featured on the
MedFriendly homepage as the featured blog post for a temporary period. Links to the last 5 blog posts
are also featured prominently on the MedFriendly homepage, giving your post longer exposure.

4. Fast service: In almost all cases, your blog post will be published the same day or the next day after
it is received and the links are approved.

5. Courtesy: We are very responsive to requests. We will publish your entry before payment is received
but payment is expected the same day or within a few days. For first time clients, promotion on our
social media sites and the home page occurs after payment is received.

6. Flexible naming: Don’t like the term “guest blog post” or “guest blog entry?” No problem. Just
provide us the name of an author and we can simply state who wrote the post such as “This is a post by
John Smith.” Such designations are placed at the end of each entry, not in the title. 

7. Writing service: Don’t feel like writing the guest blog post? Just let us know the topic area, text links,
and linking text, and we can write the post for you for an additional cost. Contact us for details.

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Note: MedFriendly does not publish repetitive spammy content. Guest blog posts must have original
content and be of high quality. We reserve the right to reject proposed posts if they do not meet our
quality standards or if the link is to an unscientific, scientifically controversial, or disreputable site. All
blog posts must be health-related in some way.